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Fogo Island Accordion Group
Land & Sea – Traditional music of Newfoundland and Labrador
Fogo Island Accordion Group

Fogo Island pages


The five-member female group was formed in Fogo Island in 1990 and it has been recognized in Canada for keeping alive the traditional music of Newfoundland & Labrador. The Fogo Island Accordion Group has played in Celtic festivals throughout Canada and has charmed audiences.

The accordion is the Newfoundland instrument. 

Europeans (Irish, Scots, French and English) first came to the island in the 16th C. to harvest cod, and they brought their music with them. That music grew to become the voice of Newfoundland and Labrador, a powerful evocation of its lifestyle, heritage and personality. They sang shanties as they worked and shared ballads and tunes at the end of the day. Over time, the settlers and their descendants reworked the old music and created new songs to tell their own stories.
Accordion:  Serena Adams, Melanie Penton, Angie Penton, Heather Penton, Jennifer Furlong
Guitar:  Gerald Freake

1 Off She Goes 1.43
2 Haste To The Wedding 1.49
3 My Sweet Forget-Me-Not Musique 3.43
4 Boys In The Bunkhouse 2.40
5 Flowers Of Edinburgh Musique 2.12
6 Black Velvet Band 2.18
7 Larry O’Gaffe 1.59
8 Banks Of Newfoundland 2.22
9 Before Daylight In The Morning 2.04
10 My Dear Ole Fogo Isle 4.36
11 Walbourne’s Double 1.43
12 Joe Batt’s Breakdown 2.10
13 Whalen’s Waltz 2.21
14 Irish Washerwoman 2.12
15 Belles Amour Breakdown 2.09
16 St. Anne’s Reel Musique 2.09
17 Memories 4.31
18 Roddy McCorley 2.12
19 Old Man and Old Woman 1.59
20 Some Say The Devil Is Dead Musique 1.55
21 Soldier’s Joy - Mulcahey’s Double 2.12
22 On Brimstone Head 3.07
23 Polly Put The Kettle On 2.08
24 Liberty Two-Step 2.06
25 Aunt Lizzie’s Jig 2.35
26 Paddy O’Regan 1.47
27 It’s Just Me Now 3.57

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