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John Littleton
Spirituals and Gospels
The Sifting of Centuries




The siftings of Centuries
Black people told stories, from Genesis to Revelation, with God’s faithful as the main characters. If slaves couldn’t read the Bible, they would memorize Biblical stories they heard and translate them into songs. These songs are the articulate message of the slave to the world. «They are the music of an unhappy people ; they tell of death and suffering, yet they do not express hatred or rancour.
These songs are indeed the siftings of centuries.» The Souls Of Black Folk. W.E.B. Du Bois.

1 Old Time Religion 02:15
2 Little David Play On Your Harp 01:44
3 Go Down Moses 02:15
4 Elijah Rock 02:21
5 Kumbaya 02:08
6 Jericho 02:08
7 Were You There 03:21
8 Adam and Eve 03:06
9 I Want To Be Ready 01:39
10 This Train 02:00
11 Steal Away To Jesus  03:11
12 Go Tell It On The Mountain 02:29
13 Hold On Musique 02:14
14 Down By The Riverside Musique 02:49
15 Shenandoah 02:33
16 John Brown's Story 03:29
17 I’m Seeking The Face Of The Lord 01:57
18 In Bright Mansions Above 02:23
19 Peace For Ever 02:56
20 Swing Low Sweet Chariot Musique 03:36
21 Oh Freedom 04:44

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