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A word from the composer of The Jack Pine (2010)

Elaine Keillor

Pianist Elaine Keillor has just released a four CD set called “Sounds of North: Two Centuries of Canadian Piano Music” and my piece, The Jack Pine, is the very last piece on the very last CD. Technically mine is from the third century of Canadian piano music on here, but just barely.

I am amused to note that among the pieces on here is one called Schoenberg vs. Gershwin which depicts a tennis match between the two of them, rather than an aesthetic battle. (Did you know that Arnold Schoenberg and George Gershwin hung out together and played tennis? Yes, it is true!)

Sounds of North is on the Gala Records label, distributed by SRI. The CDs sound great!  I'm very pleased with Elaine Keillor’s interpretation of my piece!

Jocelyn Morlock
July 6, 2012


“It's a very impressive project. Thanks. It`s a major achievement; I can appreciate what huge amounts of time you have devoted to learning these pieces and presenting them in such a fluent way.”

John Beckwith, 2012

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