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Testimonials  - Témoignages

Daily Mirror, Montreal
October, 25 2007

“Jean-Pierre, let me once more congratulate you on a wonderful job for both the Trust and for our country's musical heritage.”
David Novek Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada

“My sincere thanks to you for producing the double CD with a wonderful array of Canadian music history. I had an opportunity to listen to it on my holidays. The richness of the music along with the bi-lingual information booklet  highlights the importance of the Trust and its 10th anniversary celebrations and allows us to honour the 15 seminal MasterWorks and bring these works to new audiences who are not aware that our Canadian audiovisual heritage is at risk of disappearing.”
Kelly Friesen Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada

On Alys Robi -Diva
"I enjoyed the CD Alys Robi – Diva very much. I was struck by the beauty of Alys Robi's voice and her delivery of those very familiar old songs; Lucio Agostini's orchestra too is wonderful; and the clarity of the recording is amazing."
Maria Calderisi   Retired music librarian / Library and Archives Canada

“The Gala CDs sound quality, from varying source material, engineered from the 78-rpm discs shines. For vivid sound, and thus for the enjoyment of many listeners, the Gala disc is a clear winner. The Gala CD is recommended for its vivid-sound and for Alys Robi’s inimitable and fiery singing in Spanish, which neither of the other currently available CD releases, or previously issued LPs and CDs, can match.”
C. –P. Gerald Parker Excerpt from ARSC Journal (Association For Recorded Sound Collections)
Vol. 37: 1 (Spring 2006)

"Alys Robi Diva(Gala) Unreleased material from 1946 CBC broadcasts with Ms. Robi backed by the orchestra of Lucio Agostini. A document of an important time in Canadian music history. Impressive in every aspect and nostalgic to one who remembers VE-Day celebrations in NDG as a 10 year old.  Bravo!  I'm sure this was very hard work but also a labour of love."
Len Dobbin Friend to jazz, critic, broadcaster

«Dans les années '40, la radio est le coeur battant de l'industrie musicale. C'est l'époque glorieuse des Big Bands de Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman et Glenn Miller. Ceux qui ont l'étoffe des plus grands se hissent au sommet. Les Vera Lynn, Frank Sinatra et Perry Como émerveillent les auditeurs. Et parmi ceux-lą, ą 23 ans, se classe une diva de chez nous, la grande Alys Robi. Tiré d'émissions radiophoniques de la Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ą Toronto, le disque, sous la direction musicale de Lucio Agostini, offre un choix judicieux de chansons parmi lesquelles: I'll Be Seeing You, Chica Chica Boom Chic. »
Luc Bertrand

“The producer, researcher, writer, and originator of this project, Jean-Pierre Sévigny, needs to be congratulated for putting together a detailed booklet in English and French of background information and rare photographs. The sound is amazingly good and keeping the format of a radio-like broadcast with introductions and credits gives the listener an excellent sense of the importance of these broadcasts in the 1940s.”
Elaine Keillor Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Carleton University

On VE-Day Memories….
“This morning I heard a short talk on the CBC Radio, by M. Jean Pierre Sévigny, in which he described a CD that has been produced of Canadian recordings done during the Second World War. Mr. Sévigny described how he had watched some movies that were set during the second World War and noticed that they featured only U.S. performers. So he decided to do some research to come up with a series of recordings featuring Canadian performers from the same era, as a tribute to the thousands of people that served their country during this time period. After the show, the announcer came on, and said that the CD was available through Gala Records. I think they would make marvellous Christmas gifts for some members of my family.”
Bruce Penniston

“We're listening to the CD this morning and it is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations.”
Megan McLeod   The AV Preservation

“I heard your segment on CBC radio yesterday morning about a researcher connected with Carleton University who compiled a CD of WWII music that had Canadian connections.  My father was in the war on the convoys that escorted supply ships across the Atlantic to the North Sea of Ireland.  At the same time, my mother was a nurse working here at home. The music, I feel, would be important to them for probably very different reasons.  It would be a fitting tribute to both of them.”
Wendy Tobin

“I received my cd today.  Thank you very much.  It's lovely. Will there be a Vol 2? ’’
Jessie Hendrigan   Trail BC

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